Crisis Communications

Preparing you to deal with the unexpected

We manage crises with the long term effects in mind. Short term recovery if needed, brand and reputation enhancement, if possible. Well managed crises are an opportunity to show authentic leadership and actually strengthen your brand position and reputation.

But you need to have a guiding light strategy. Your brand promise may point the way to the right crisis strategy.

Crisis management is our core business. This means you can always reach us on our 24/7 crisis hotline. We have comprehensive experience in all sectors, including aviation, logistics, food and agriculture, healthcare, tech and professional services.

Our certified crisis counselors all over the world follow the same principles, enabling them to hit the ground running when needed. They deliver seamless teamwork and share knowledge and learnings almost on a daily basis within our crisis community.

OPRG crisis counselors guide clients through some of their biggest public challenges. We specialize in crisis preparedness, crisis and issues management, monitoring, litigation communications, crisis standby services, labor and restructuring communications, and privacy and cyber risk management.

Our perspective

  • News no longer breaks; it tweets
  • The expectations of visible leadership from top companies facing crisis situations is growing every day
  • Authentic engagement is critical
  • Public opinion is not static

To help you prepare for or get through crises, we offer a range of tools such as crisis handbooks, crisis simulations, scenario planning, crisis trainings, vulnerability audits, and issue scans.

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Our crisis experts are available to help 24-7